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For five months a 1909 Bungalow in Portland, Oregon underwent an extensive restoration/remodel process by the Design/Remodel company Arciform LLC. It utilized the latest in green building materials and practices while keeping the emphasis on giving back its period charm. Arciform opened the home up every Saturday morning with special sessions put on by the team so that the community would have the opportunity to really experience the process. To read more about the project, visit the diary.

This project, directed and documented thoroughly by Adam Henry Media, has been formatted in easy to navigate chapters and follows its beautiful transformation over 53 minutes. It is the hope of the entire 1909 House team that you will be inspired by this collaborative effort and apply what you will to your own “1909 House”.

Here are the Titles of the Chapters Included on the DVD:
1. Introduction
2. The Craftsman Movement
3. Office of Sustainable Development
4. Respectful Remodeling
5. An Earth Advantage Home
6. What is a Bungalow?
7. Roles Played in 1909 House
8. Salvaging
9. The ReBuilding Center
10. First Stages of De-Construction
11. New Front Door Location
12. New Front Arch
13. Home Inspection
14. New Corbel Installation
15. Air Pressure Blower Test
16. Front Window Installation
17. New Front Walkway
18. Central Vacuum System
19. Recycled Tire Rubber Roof
20. Siding
21. Standard TV & Appliance – Selecting EcoStar Appliances
22. Arciform and Craftsmanship
23. Downstairs Bathroom
24. Upstairs Bathroom
25. Linoleum Floors
26. Plaster for the Walls
27. A Lesson Lead Paint
28. Miller Paint – Painting the Exterior of the Home
29. Rebuilding the Garage
30. Decommissioning the Oil Tank
31. Room by Room Temperature Control
32. Refurbishing the Fireplace
33. Arciform’s Workshop
34. Kitchen Design
35. New Countertops
36. Re-Designing the Stairwell
37. Lighting Fixtures
38. The New Deck
39. Landscaping
40. Before and After

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